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About us

HAP, your security expert

HAP services is created by a world-class security expert. Managing Director William CURRAN, a career soldier, has considerable international business experience in the security field working in both Madagascar and other foreign countries.

Through its experiences, HAP Services was created to meet the needs and international standards of management of active security and protection to businesses in Madagascar.

About us

HAP Services

Our presence and activities in Madagascar

The company is established in Madagascar in 2015 and is growing. Its extension takes effect both in its areas of intervention and in the diversification of its activities. HAP Services has national coverage in Madagascar: from the capital, to cities and even to hard-to-reach places.

HAP Services is currently a pioneer in the field of security in Madagascar through the ranges of services and the quality of reputation services that it has offered.

HAP Services Madagascar

Nos services

Physical security

Guarding by security guards, mobile patrol, police brigade, telemonitoring and rapid response

Security products

We offer devices, gadgets and an effective comprehensive security system following the evolution of technology for personal security, access control, video surveillance and loss prevention.

Transportation of funds and valuables

Provides for the movement and protection of the light fund or bank fund, precious objects or important documents.

Work of security experts

It is the « intelligency » investigation and investigation advice by our experts and investigators, the development of a business plan and finally the design of a document of advice and information for the purpose of creation of a security company and / or restructuring of an ongoing project.

Specialized security services

These include transport and passenger safety, close protection, event security, fire protection, booster services, port and airport security.

Central monitoring station

Associated with the purely security service are introduced the other services to the companies which facilitate the tasks of the Customers and reassure them in term of organization and on-site monitoring.

Security training

We offer training packages, modular training and hands-on training provided by our national and international trainers. Each end of module is sanctioned by a certificate.