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Insurance and competence


Physical Security

Crimes, robberies, threats have become commonplace cases and are heard almost every day and in all its forms. Other more intriguing cases are kidnappings, hostages and acts of terrorism (disguised or pure).

The company must rise to a positive and insightful response to the increased needs of customers seeking effective solutions and insurance for their physical security as well as their property. PAH has a good reputation and leadership, both in terms of the professionalism of its employees and the quality of its services. We specialize in the guarding of strategic sites and industrial, airports and ports, mining sites. But HAP Services also operates the securing of major retailers, collective parking, offices and premises, production plants, diplomatic offices and highly secure humanitarian sites. We provide the most effective solutions to our customers and we deploy corresponding resources. Operations are done with intelligence and vigilance away from routine guarding routine.

Our modus operandi originates from a contextual and environmental study of the field, the results of exhaustive study of the intelligency department’s investigations, the assessment of the level of vulnerability and the capacity of the clients to answer and especially of the probable changes in the time and in space. Preliminary studies followed by strategy (s) of operation are established before the deployment on your professional or private sites of reliable and qualified security agents who will ensure the protection of both staff, property, visitors and visitors. Customer goods…

On the other hand, our approach is flexible, evolved and innovative. We deliver real results and values to our Clients.

Hap services intervenes then in the physical security of the individuals and in the physical protection of the places. In pack or separately, we provide:

  • guards
  • remote monitoring at the control room
  • mobile patrols
  • dog patrols and
  • rapid interventions
  • access control

Our security agents are competent and committed. They master the efficient use of the equipment at their disposal.