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The monitoring center can detect any situation in real time


Control Room

Thanks to our remote monitoring center, your company benefits from permanent security against the risks of intrusion. It is also our information bank where information and daily movements are centered. The treatment at this remote monitoring center allows us to anticipate the various security scenarios and to jointly establish the actions to be taken when receiving an alarm on the one hand but for the development of our security strategies on the other hand. This preparatory work will optimize our vigilance and improve the alarm processing. Our CCTV system is highly reliable, allowing us to optimize our customer’s security monitoring at all times.

The intervention mode is customizable according to each client and according to the type of detection / alarm device in place. It follows a rigorous follow-up after the intervention on alarm. In case of triggering of alert, our units of rapid intervention come into action and for one more we offer you the possibility of specific and spontaneous security until the return to order.

This center is equipped with technological data collection equipment / information, remote detection equipment and technicians and experts in the field. This center is fully secure and has limited access.

The remote monitoring center of HAP Services is functional 7/7 and 24/24. Our control room is well equipped with high quality equipment and advanced.