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Dogs are efficient and fast allies for detection, search, detection and attack.


Dogs Brigade

To ensure the safety of a site, the canine patrol is led by a certified dog master. Our dog teams can exercise public or private surveillance, static or mobile. They are qualified, experienced and benefit from continuous training and regular training. They show cold blood to act in all situations.

The dog handler must be psychologically patient and have a lot of patience to train his dog and be sure he can master it. They are perfectly complicit and form good pairs. They form a shock duo. Our dog teams often intervene for the safety of companies (warehouses, building sites, shopping malls, car parks, etc.) or events (concerts, fairs, major events, etc.). The presence of the binomial in the field increases the security and ensures the prior detection especially in very delicate situations. Our security agents, accompanied by their dog, can perform various missions in pairs to ensure your safety:

  • Surveillance of exceptional events
  • Round of prevention / deterrence
  • Person / vehicle filtering
  • Surveillance of private / public spaces
  • Close protection