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Security technology devices and equipment optimize the security system for goods and people.

Sale and installation of security equipment and other derivative products

Sale and installation of security equipment and other derivative products

We have different professional security products: for access control, for video surveillance, for individual detection and other news gadgets.

We focus on the relationship between quality and efficiency of products while taking into account its durability.

Access control services can be included in a pack or separately as needed. We offer a wide range of security products to meet your needs and compatible with your portfolio. The materials vary from the complex to the simplest use, according to current technology for:

  • physical searches
  • detection digs with equipment
  • search bags and luggage
  • access control by an identification system
  • card access control
  • response to alerts, panics and emergencies
  • round system
  • geolocation with portable wireless panic button

Security devices such as panic buttons, GPS, other remote sensing devices are for sale or rent according to customer needs. On the other hand, we have technicians for the study of needs and the installations of monitoring devices to be managed by the customers themselves or to be connected directly with the monitoring room remotely under the control of HAP Services. A maintenance and repair service is available for all devices / materials delivered by the company.