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Collaboration with research units and security services in the country and out of the country through our networks of knowledge and collaborators are one of our strong points. The development of the land and the great consideration of local culture, socio-political and religious opinions is the bedrock of our approach.



HAP Services is one of the pioneers of a « intelligency » unit in Madagascar. Experienced specialists in various situations and in many countries take care of it. They are associated in regional networks and internationally known specialists. To this team is added the people who work in different fields at the national level.

By an « intelligency » approach in search of relevant information by all possible resources, both in the field and in theory including the laws and texts in force. We work in the present and the past but above all we project on the probabilities and alternatives of possible security solutions. HAP Services searches for the most advanced, popular and confidential information and strategic information through official and unofficial channels and sources in the field. It conducts analyzes and expertise at large and small scales in the field of security, economic, political and social.

Depending on the situation, HAP may use infiltration to investigate cases of trafficking, theft of property, sabotage, receiving, etc. It is indeed a quick and effective technique for identifying problems and gathering evidence beyond a doubt. The HAP investigator is chosen based on the work environment and the tasks to be performed. We also adopt the « incognito » approach to infiltrate suspicious places and gather the maximum of information.

Another survey method used by HAP is to monitor places and people. This method differs from spinning in that it is stationary. It can be done in person or by electronic monitoring means.

HAP provides its clients with skills and expertise in investigations related to workplace issues, computer crimes and several other situations (kidnapping, ..).

As a final product, we deliver a customized and adequate document to the clients as a resolution (s), proposal (s) and operational procedures. The document serves as a decision-making tool for reducing risks and optimizing expected results: security assessment and threats, forecasting on a political situation, travel advice …

In addition, our service provides secure information, quick and up-to-date advice in unstable or troubled environments.