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Speed and discretion

Transportation of funds and valuables

Transportation of funds and valuables

The second largest fiduciary security operator in the island, PAH operates the largest logistics network for the processing of securities. Thanks to its professionalism and international know-how, HAP offers high value-added services that accelerate the circulation, valuation and availability of species. PAH becomes a major player in the banking sector on the circulation of money flows. PAH Services offers money transfer service by armored cars, service for ATMs, service of smart bags, cash management and client portal .

This service ensures the transportation and securing of funds (banknotes or coins) and valuables such as jewelery, precious metals, documents (diplomatic pouch), which need special security to reduce the risk of theft or damage. turning during his travels. 

Highly sought after in Madagascar, in the face of the multiple risks involved in the movement of money on the one hand, and in the desire to formalize the sector of conveyance and transfer of valuables in the country on the other hand, HAP Services arrives in the sector by sacrificing huge investments in both equipment and human resources and training. Thus, the company specializes for some years (in Madagascar) on the transfer of funds « light » and in the conveyance and transfer of « funds » and valuables.