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Reliability, responsiveness and professionalism


Access control

Through their professional attitude, their communication skills and the respect of your company’s policy, the security agents we provide for access control missions help to reinforce the image of seriousness of our entity.

We know that our agents are often the first contact with your customers or service providers or external visitors: their service must be irreproachable. That’s why we regularly check their performance, punctuality and professionalism. In addition, we organize periodic meetings with our customers to make possible corrections and adjustments, and to maintain over the long term an excellent level of quality of services.

Agents trained and experienced in human security, staff stability is a guarantee of reliability and quality. We strive to build long-term relationships of trust with our customers and employees to maximize the level of security.

Thanks to our policy of supervision and support of our agents, our turnover is particularly low and the agents we make available to our customers are trained, experienced and stable. Our personnel work on all sites requiring pedestrian and vehicular access control through a security officer, be it a one-off event (fair, trade show, congress, etc.) or permanent surveillance. :

  • Industrial and logistics sites
  • Port sites
  • Tertiary sites
  • Storage areas …