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We propose to establish your business plan and advise you in this area of security



To boost your business in the field of security or before embarking on it, holistic studies are very necessary. Success in the security field is not by chance. You have to know the terrain and its surroundings. HAP Services, through its experts can accompany you in your adventure. We offer you the detailed information, the processes to follow, the lessons to be learned and the alternatives of solutions to succeed your business in security, according to the places, the circumstances, the resources to be allocated, the required capacities ….

Our products

1. We produce your business plan that contains detailed information, strategies, SMART goals, and correct actions followed by an execution schedule. This may be possible for your physical security project, for your premises and buildings, as well as for the plan to protect you from fire. The action plan that we propose is based mainly on prevention to reduce risks, the correct actions to be undertaken as well as the forecast means (financial, material and human).

2. Investigations and safety tips: a document will be returned to you to let you know the details around the subject requested. The information is followed by analysis by the experts. This document will include tips for action. 3. Safety inspection: a notation of the positive points and areas for improvement and gaps to be restored, points to be avoided and points to be promoted. These are alternative solutions for your project. As part of a mid-term evaluation study of a security project, we are also giving the alternatives of the solutions to your project.