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The rapid response unit provides ultra-fast responsiveness that responds effectively to the customer's needs in minimum time and at a specific location.


Fast intervention

As a local security company, our response efficiency is synonymous with speed. Our teams are available 24/24 and 365/365. They are ready to intervene at any time, when the situation requires it. Following a break-in, an attempted burglary, vandalism, a fire, our intervention center immediately sends our specialists on site, specially trained and prepared to react in all situations, even the most dangerous.

Our rapid response units are available at any time with maximum speed and at any requested location. We guarantee a baptized system whose results in this area are significant.

With permanent round-the-clock surveillance agents guaranteeing an ultra-rapid proximity intervention, which coordinate the intervention forces 24/24, as well as state-of-the-art security equipment, HAP provides you with protection and reactivity to all tests, whether you are a company or a private.