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Training pack

Training pack


The Safety agent training is sanctioned by a security clearance at level 01.

The Security agent training runs for two weeks and is open to anyone with good physical condition, good character and commitment. The training is divided into two distinct parts, namely practical and theoretical training. This is a program of 11 modules and will be conducted by one of the international trainers.

  • The private security industry
  • L’industrie de la sécurité privée
  • The security guard
  • The security guard Security equipment
  • Security equipment
  • Practical Practical Security ProceduresSecurity Procedures
  • Emergency emergency procedures
  • Law and the basic guard
  • Fire incendie Health and safety
  • Health and safety First aidFirst aid
  • Customer service and quality communications


Special qualifications and / or minimum level of study are required such level bacc, 3 years of experience in the field at least … Leadership and management Legislation and legitimate defense Self defense deepened + practice First aid thorough + practice Behavior and attitude Arrest and control + practice Radio communication Search procedure + practice Written reports Conflict management Risk and threat assessment Orders of operations Response to attacks + practice (drill) Use of forces Arrest and self defense


A level is required to be able to follow the training level 03. The training modules are: Leadership and management Supervision Legislation and legitimate defense Self defense and handling of tonfa advanced + practice Risk assessment Discipline and instructions Radio communication Incident control Written reports Incident Management and Resolution Tips Planning Job Inspection Man Leader