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The guard deployment is fast and selective thanks to our strict selection system.



Our security agents are present 24/24 on the place to keep and equipped with a logistic support to answer as well as possible the possible dangers. They carry out a filtering of vehicles and people, rounds of prevention / deterrence, on foot or conveyed. They handle incidents, protect the site and people against theft, vandalism or any kind of intrusion. At the end of each mission, our security agents write a mission report, which is included in the motion book, detailing all the details of their services. Each site is under the control of one or more supervisor (s), who is in permanent contact with the manager designated by the Client.

Our personnel selection system follows a strict process that takes into account physical presentation, morality and ability to practice.

Our selection process includes several steps considering among other things physical presentation, health, morality and skills. Each stage of selection ends with a test and notation (written test, physical test, morality test and approval by paper documents). Once hired, we commit ourselves to give them trainings (according to their level) and a grouping for the presentation of the general rules of HAP Services.

Our agents are dressed in a distinctive and presentable outfit to create a secure, non-intrusive and to give a good image on your site. Security guards can deal with many incidents such as assault, conflict, burglary or crowd movement.